CBD ROLL-ON, -2.5 Fluid oz 1500mg CBD + Menthol Pain Stick 0% THC

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This is a great blend of CBD and a menthol 16% solution. Specially formulated, together they work to get deep into spasming muscles and help relax them. The smell is very light from the menthol and it dries extremely quick. The solution of menthol and certain alcohols helps to carry the CBD through transdermal absorption. This should go without saying, but this product is only to be used externally on the body and never ingested. It can be used as often as needed throughout the day and should provide hours of comfort to the areas applied and generally to the whole body. We also carry a 16% menthol pain stick that shows no mercy to aches and pains especially those that are located near the surface of the skin 


2.5 Fluid Ounces of solution and 1500mg of CBD per bottle. Approx 75ml

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